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Free Web Counter

This is a totally free solution that you can benefit even if you are not one of our customers.
Since more than 15 years, WebsiteOut offers quality web solutions to webmasters, website designers, bloggers, and Internet professionals.

Our hit counters are:
- free,
- without any pop-up ads,
- tested, optimized and compatible with all browsers,
- 100% compatible with W3C, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, ...
- secured and fully compatible with https and ssl.

Our counters do not require any registration or email sign up.
They are very easy to install, in only 4 steps:
Select the hit counter you want:

Choose the number of digits you want:
    Number of digits :
     For example:
     - a counter with 6 digits will look like this: 000123
     - a counter with 8 digits will look like this: 00000123
     - a counter with unset number of digits will automatically adjust its length and will look like this: 123
Choose the initial value:
    Initial value:
     This is the starting value of your counter. For example, enter 1000 if you think your website has already received 1000 visits.
Select what you want to count:
    Count every hit (standard mode)
     In this case, your counter will increment by 1 each time someone visits your web page, even if this person has already visited your site (or blog) in the past. If someone refresh your page 3 times, the counter will increment by 3.

    Count unique visitors only
     Each visitor will be counted only one time. If the same person visits your website (or blog) several times, he will be counted only one time.